Hi and welcome to our blog!!

Meg and Chloe are two Ohio Wesleyan students working on a Theory-to-Practice Grant titled “Growing, Going and Staying Local: an Exploration of the Economic and Cultural Importance of the French Local Market.” With this grant, we planned to:

  • Comprehend the traditions and the local significance of the markets we visit
  • Determine the role of these markets in the local economy, and discover how they have continued to survive even as large chain stores arrived in France
  • Understand how these markets are similar and different in varying regions of France in order to determine the degree to which these markets reflect the culture of their specific regions
  • Complement our research by sharing our knowledge with the OWU and Delaware community at the Delaware Farmer’s Market

We will travel to Paris, Avignon, Marseilles, and Strasbourg to examine the markets and further develop an understanding of their importance.

Thanks for reading and traveling with us!